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Thanks to our Daddy who is the travel master (he travelled 5 years in a row and has been to almost every Country in the World),  we  travelled the world quite a bit too. We’re swiss siblings with the target of giving something nice to the travel community. To open our Hostel, we chose Ecuador because this Country has anything (cost, highlands, jungle) quite close together. So there are lot’s of backpackers traveling through. We knew some people already in the World Heritage City of  Cuenca. We came to Cuenca with the idea to open an hostel but without any plans. After 3 month and over 30 house visits we finally found the “perfect” building. we spend 5 month painting and rebuilding with lots of friends, fun and colors. In april 2013 our dream of opening a hostel came true with the big opening party “yakufest”.  We love to share travel experience with our guests and we are more than happy to welcome all the different cultures at our “yakumama”.

why yakumama

feature_img_01we are very interested in the culture of the incas. That’s why our whole design and theme is about the incas. we chose the goodness of water “yakumama” because Cuenca has much in relation with water. It’s famous for its 4 rivers, for the national park “Cajas” with over 200 lakes and in our patio we have a nice fountain. As we walked through the streets of Cuenca we found 2 rocks from the Incas and one of them has the symbol of yakumama. We bought the pair and decided to use this symbol of the mother of water as our Logo.

all our room names are inca goddesses as well.